Liquid Fertiliser

Our machine has been custom built to enable us to accurately apply very high volumes of liquid fertiliser up to 1600l/ha. It is equally able to apply low volumes down to 100l/ha.

We use a nurse tank system for transferring the fertiliser to the sprayer from the road tanker. In wet conditions this minimises the amount of mud that is deposited on the road as the sprayer does not leave the field until it has been completed. This system also reduces the amount of unnecessary trafficking in the field and increase the output of the sprayer. It is a system that has proved very popular with our existing customers.

CL Tesseyman

Ammonium Sulphate application makes up a large part of our workload, but we also apply OMEX and Yara solution fertilisers.

Due to the cleaning up of emissions into the air in recent years, Sulphur deficiency in crops has becoming increasingly common. Liquid Ammonium Sulphate is a very competitively priced source of sulphur and Nitrogen. As well as its application, we are also able to arrange the supply and delivery of the fertiliser.

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